Body Massage Light

How is a body massage for men?

With the help of erotic massage, a man can truly relax. It doesn’t compare to going to the cinema or a restaurant. Contact with a pleasant masseuse improves tone, relieves moral and physical stress. Another body massage for men helps to expand the idea of pleasure .

What is the point?

Traditionally, massage is done with the hands. With her palms, the girl touches different parts of the body. She kneads them, squeezes, squeezes. In body massage, everything is different. The girl touches the man with her body. First he touches with his elbows, then with his shoulders, then with his chest.

The movements may be different. The masseuse lowers her large breasts to the lower back of the client, moves her up and down. Then he makes horizontal strokes. Breasts will gently caress the skin and cause pleasant sensations. The masseuse will begin to change the intensity of exposure. So, she will completely press her chest against the back of a man.

For the abdomen, contact with the groin area is suitable. The delicate crotch will be hidden by the panties, but moisture can easily seep through the thin fabric. The girl will press herself completely against the man’s stomach. Or it will begin to barely touch the skin and begin to “ride”, imitating a sexual position.

More body massage Kiev may include additional features. Among them, touching the girl’s crotch or ass. The masseuse can use erotic lingerie, igniting the client’s fantasy. Sometimes cream, berries, syrups are added. They will be licked with a tongue from delicate male skin.

Thanks to close contact, the girl can also cum. Then the client gets a unique opportunity to observe the peak of female pleasure . He will literally see how it recognizes the companion.

Come in body massage salon Kyiv possible at any time. If you need a specific girl, then she is booked in advance. Pleasure with the cutie will be guaranteed.

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