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How is 4 hands massage performed?

Every man at least once dreams of relaxing with beautiful girls. Get affection, attention. It is worth going through a massage in 4 hands Kiev and realize your fantasies. The memory will remain a pleasant relaxation and a feeling of pleasure.

How is the session going?

The erotic massage parlor offers various programs. A feature of the “Game of Priestesses” is the participation of two girls. In a classic session, the help of only one masseuse is offered.

The meeting takes place in an individual room. It is decorated with a double bed with a soft duvet. Windows can be closed with heavy curtains. Small sconces will light up the room.

There is a shower nearby. Before starting the session, you need to take a shower. The priestesses will accompany. Help to lather the body. They will spread fragrant foam in all areas. They will carry washcloths through the innermost parts. A man can stroke masseuses, wash them, caress. Such games help to warm up and tune in to the session.

After a shower, you need to go to bed. One girl can massage the shoulders, the other – the stomach. Or masseuses will start kissing intimate areas. If you add a lesbian show, then a performance will be played. Hot girls will show erotic sketches. They will caress each other in secret places. Sweet moans will quickly fill the room.

Professional intimate massage includes various techniques. In addition to kneading with their hands, girls touch the body of a man with their chest, eyelashes, stomach, legs, and crotch. The change of caresses leads from the birth of desire to a bright explosion. After discharge, a man is helped to prolong the state of bliss. The session takes approximately 2 hours.

try the best massage in Kyiv worth it for those who want new experiences. You can give a session to a friend who is getting married or an acquaintance for an anniversary. Such a gift will be remembered for a long time.

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